I am used to the complicated world, and the occasional simplicity will make people shine at the moment. Today, Xiao Bian will share with you an extremely simple good-looking acrylic tray.
This acrylic tray of the lake is designed with solid color, with complicated decoration, returning to the true color, and a little more self-heating simplicity; Scattered ups and downs, free lines and irregular shapes, stretch freely like the winding Lake strandline; Acrylic material is smooth and smooth, feels comfortable, visually transparent and full of texture.
On the appearance, the moving line of the lake water is used to spread a natural artistic conception and create a stereoscopic impression. Every angle is different, impossible, comfortable, and just right.

acrylic tray
The deep integration of lines and structures breaks the traditional line standard. The tray image is injected with real mobility, allowing the senses to consciously enter another world of relaxing and comfortable. Fashion sense and interest coexist.

Desserts, fruits and other delicacies, cups, cosmetics, ornament…… Even some bottles and cans that are not easy to put can be carried in an elegant way. Usually, the tray should be put away when it is not used. This kind of tray with a strong sense of design can be put on the tea table in the living room everywhere when it is not used. It is also a good decoration, it gives people a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material with a crystal-like transparent texture. After coloring, it has a good color exhibition effect. It is not easy to break and is heat-resistant and wear-resistant. It is used for tray design. It is not only elegant in shape, beautiful Vision, practical and durable.