Is acrylic display box easy to use? What are the characteristics?

acrylic box display
What is the box used for? I think everyone knows that what is acrylic display box? Hearing this noun may be a little strange, but it has been widely used in our daily life, and its figure can be seen everywhere. For example, acrylic candy box, acrylic storage box, acrylic food box, acrylic medical case and so on all belong to acrylic display boxes. So what are the characteristics of the acrylic boxes that make them so widely used?

Although acrylic has many colors, in order to show the effect, many acrylic display boxes are made of transparent materials. A transparent acrylic display box looks like glass and feels like plastic. In fact, it is neither, it is made of acrylic material. Acrylic has a crystal-like transparent effect. More importantly, it is much lighter than glass, but the quality is much better than plastic, and the processing performance is good at the same time, the pressure resistance is also strong and it is not easy to deform and break.
Of course, acrylic can be used as a food box mainly because acrylic material is non-toxic and tasteless at room temperature, and has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection. Especially acrylic display box is very high temperature resistant and has good sealing performance. It is very popular to store candy snacks that are easy to be affected with damp and melted with heat.