As we all know, the trophy is made of many materials, including wooden, metal, and crystal. For the trophy made of the first three materials, we must be no stranger to everyone, so today, the editor will tell you about another material-acrylic trophy. Acrylic is very similar to crystal, but it is different. Which is better, acrylic trophy or crystal trophy? The following is a demonstration of acrylic products wenmei. Let’s take a look at it together.

The transparency of acrylic material is extremely high. The transparency of the polished trophy can be comparable to the bright effect of Crystal. It looks very high-end and beautiful. An acrylic trophy because it is made of acrylic, therefore, it has all the excellent properties of acrylic, clear, clear, high-grade, and beautiful, can be processed into a trophy of various shapes, and has a strong impact resistance of acrylic trophy, and has good adaptability to the natural environment.

Acrylic trophies there are photo frame type and seamless hot pressing type, which can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Its style and shape can also be designed by yourself, and the acrylic plate also has a variety of color specifications to choose from. Because of these advantages of acrylic materials, many merchants and customers often choose acrylic to make trophies.

The acrylic trophy has the same effect as the crystal trophy, but compared with crystal material, acrylic raw materials are more easily available, so its price is more affordable. Compared with the traditional trophy, an acrylic trophy can remain as bright as new for a long time. Even if the acrylic trophy is still as clear as new after a long time, it is a variety of acrylic trophies that has been used most in recent years.

Now everyone knows that acrylic trophy is actually better than crystal trophy. At present, many products on the market are also made of acrylic, including acrylic photo frames, acrylic glasses display racks, acrylic phone display racks, etc. The first choice for the customized acrylic trophy is wenmei, professional acrylic products manufacturers, experienced and well-made, powerful manufacturers, quality assurance.